Efe Fruci, the founder of Fearless and Empowered, is a self-driven, no fluff motivational coach, author, and inspirational speaker. After coming through a traumatic childhood and young adulthood, Efe's mission is to show young women that they truly can live a life that is full. ​What started out as a pipe dream in 2012 has grown into a mission where Efe uses her techniques and real-life experiences to motivate, encourage and facilitate real growth in women all around the world. She has made it her mission to close the huge gap of women believing they are worthless, not enough or struggling with self-confidence, by helping women change the limiting stories they tell themselves so they are able to change their lives. 

Efe has conducted workshops and spoke to over 5k women in Brussels, Oxford, Los Angeles, Nigeria, and Canada. She is known for her ability to connect with women by captivating their attention both as a speaker and workshop facilitator using No fluff, just hard-hitting, hands-on self-help techniques and real-life relatable stories that put you in the driving seat for achieving your life's goals and aspirations.

With a powerful voice for understanding how to combine self-development with inspiring stories that are relatable to young women, Efe has been recognized for her deep insights and extensive experience addressing topics such as overcoming your fear and pain, becoming self-motivated and confident, living purposefully after abuse, and how to turn your struggles into strength, pain into opportunity and much more.


Her recent book Faith Over Fear is a perfect example of her positive self-love movement which takes the readers along her personal journey from a difficult beginning to soaring both personally and professionally. In her book, she shares her tools and techniques of how she became the fearless, confident and resilient woman she is today using multiple examples of her life to guide you on how you can achieve the unachievable and build the future you desire and deserve.


When Efe isn't shaping the world around her through her business, she works full time as a Scientific Senior Analyst. Where she also volunteers using her business expertise to offer supports to kids and youth programs that engage and encourage girls pursuing a career in STEM. Efe supports women who are returning back to work through mentorships and workshop programs for self-development and is an advocate for mental health awareness. 

Efe shows us through her lifestyle that you can do it and achieve it all with a heavy dose of self-motivation, hard work, self-drive, determination, and Faith.​




Fearless & Empowered was born out of the struggle of Efe's life (You can read the article here).

As a young woman struggling with insecurities, low- self-esteem, imposter syndrome and feeling that she wasn't good enough after years of abuse. Efe overcame it all, transformed her life, found her strength, voice, and purpose from motivating other young women to rise up and change the narrative. Using real-life experiences to demonstrate and motivate young women to see that anything is achievable no matter where you start from.

my Purpose

Fearless and Empowered is a movement that motivates, inspires and empowers women to embrace who they are so they can live purposefully building the life and legacy they deserve and desire. Through thought-provoking topics and contents, valuable insight and life-changing experiences to transform the lives of young women to rise up and change the limiting stories they tell themselves.

It is to cultivate a positive movement that pushes other women to be their best self, to be self-motivated and confident, to bravely say to fear and negativity "YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME"

OUR mission

To motivate, inspire, empower over one million women to see their worth, become self-motivated, confident, living purposefully and rising up to become self-driven fearless bosses of their life.


Since 2012, Fearless & Empowered has transformed the lives and reached thousands of women over 6 countries through workshops, talks, online masterminds, and personal motivational coaching.


           -Carl Jung-           

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