About Fearless & Empowered


-eFE Fruci-

Fearless & Empowered was born out of the struggle of Efe's life experiences (You can read the article here).

As a young woman struggling with insecurities, shattered confidence + low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, and feeling that she wasn't good enough after years of abuse. Efe overcame it all, transformed her life, found her strength, her voice, and purpose from motivating other young women to rise up and change their narrative. Using real-life experiences, Efe demonstrates and motivates young women to see that anything is achievable through faith in ourselves + determination, and self-motivation.

my Purpose

Through Fearless and Empowered we are providing women a motivational community that motivates, inspires, and empowers them. Giving them the resources, motivation, inspiration, and ideas they need to thrive confidently. Through thought-provoking topics provided through coaching, mentorship, workshops, and more in order to help women change the narrative by eliminating the limiting stories they tell themselves so they can evolve into the woman they desire to be.

OUR mission

To motivate, inspire, and empower every woman to see her worth, her purpose, and her strength. To teach her how to become self-motivated, confident, + fearless and to help her thrive confidently.


 Fearless & Empowered has transformed the lives and reached thousands of women and young girls all over the world through workshops, speaking, online masterclasses, and coaching.

© 2020 Fearless & Empowered by Efe Fruci

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