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Fearless & moTIVATED

Efe's workshops are a great way to become self-motivated as you dive deeper into what it truly means to be 'Free and to be you". 


Efe's workshops have been described as a self-education journey aimed at enhancing the quality of life, personal development, business, employability, self-discipline, talent, and potential. Her "Wheel of Life" action plan will put you in the driving seat of your life.

For Community Groups:

Our Group workshops help with accountability, building stronger relationships, and elevating women's confidence to another level as they develop their skills and talents with like-minded individuals. These workshops are interactive and engaging allowing women to share, create, and cultivate new routines.

These workshops are a great way for women to learn about "Intention setting": Taking the time to set clear intentions for the year, goals, and projects. This has a tremendous impact on efficiency and focus, so women can set clear goals and work smarter, not harder.

These workshops support women to become 'Positivity Thinkers': Negative thinking is remarkably destructive to both working environments and creative thinking. With a proactive outlook on life, you will spend less time dwelling on what went wrong and more time looking ahead to what can be done better.

Three main areas of focus include:

  • Personal Growth​

  • Self-Improvement

  • Career development

For Organizations:

These workshops are a great way for team building & team bonding. It is a great approach for establishing trust and improving employee productivity in the workplace. Efe's "Motivational Training" focuses on self-motivation techniques constructed in a practical way that allows your female employees to push themselves and reach goals they have set for themselves.

How does this benefit your organization?

  • Productivity & performance increase

  • Increased employee retention

  • Promotes Diversity & Inclusion

  • Close the gap of women in leadership

  • Improved spirit and morale

  • A more engaged and committed workforce

  • Elevated confidence and self-esteem

  • Openness and willingness to express new innovative ideas

  • Encourages a healthy work-life balance

  • Stronger mental wellbeing and more.

Three main areas of focus include:

  • Leadership and Mentoring Skills

  • Team building & Team Bonding

  • Eliminating fear of failure and dealing with setbacks at work

For Startup Businesses:

​These workshops are for women starting or looking to start a business. It is aimed at #womentrepreneur helping women rise up in business. Whether you are a businesswoman or business owner this workshop will give you the ability to thrive in the corporate world. These workshops help women learn more about themselves, discover how to use their strength, mindset, and visions to create a healthy business. 

Three main areas of focus include:

  • Creating a business and action plan

  • Time and stress management and resolving conflicts

  • How to build valuable relationships and keep your clients

Capax: 15 - 30  

Time: 2 hours

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