Exercising & strengthening your 'Mental Muscle'

"The brain is the manager of our entire body. The more we take care of it, it takes cares of us"

I am always one to find new exciting, positive and stronger ways to strengthen my mental muscle for a lot of reasons.... one of them being that I want to remember a lot of my joyful and adventurous moments when I am older, I want to keep fuelling my mental mind to ensure not just my physical body is working out (when I do) but my mental muscle too.

Won't you agree that this is necessary?

Well, my decision aside, here are 10 exercises we can all introduce to our workout for the rest of the year/lifetime.

  1. Reframe Negative Thoughts

  2. Create Goals

  3. Set yourself up for Success

  4. Do at least one difficult thing each day.

  5. Tolerate discomfort for a greater Purpose

  6. Balance your emotions with Logic

  7. Fulfil your Purpose

  8. Look for explanations not excuses

  9. Use the 10-minute rule

  10. Prove yourself wrong

These steps aside, I must point out one key thing I am also working on this year as a woman with a strong mental muscle that can get stronger is No 5 setting boundaries with family.

What are you finding difficult from the image above?

Want to dive deeper into this research, please check the author Amy Morin incredible insight as she dives deeper into this 10 steps.

I hope it helps you as it is helping me exercise my mental muscle for both my work life and personal life.

Let's chat... Leave your comments, email and/or discussion below and let's explore together.



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