Updated: May 22

As things get back to “normal” and everything begins to open again what has changed for you? What is your “New Normal”

During this time a lot of us have had time to look inwards without the need to rush and I am sure some have learnt a lot about themselves and others.

I wanted to give you a list of things that I have given a spring clean to during Covid:

1. My Diet: Gone are the days of eating out and endless brunches. I have taken stock of everything going into my body, what ingredients are used, but the key...making sure it was still tasty. This has allowed me to experiment with new recipes and ideas and now the urge to eat out is less.

Spring cleaned: Eating out...and more money in the bank

2. My health: Following on from point 1 is my exercise regime. Rather than running to catch my train, or squeezing onto a bus I am walking in the mornings - 7am until 8.30am when I then clock into work feel so refreshed. Followed by a lunchtime HIT workout courtesy of @thebodycoach. My time on the train is now time working on my body.

Spring cleaned: Neglecting my body.

3. People: When you can’t hang out it is amazing how you notice who you really can’t live without. Who are really your people in life? When things start up again I’m sure invites to the beach, parks and lakes will come through on text, but if we didn’t connect virtually during COVID-19 it’s time to move on!

Spring cleaned: People (Not friends!)

4. God: I haven’t cleaned out God, not at all. In fact I feel like I have dusted off my bible and kick started my relationship with God and it has only got stronger. This has a lot to do with cleaning other things out of my life and filling that space with God.

Spring cleaned: My bible it is out and in use!

5. Networking: Spending more time with yourself gives you more insight and excitement into what you are trying to achieve and for me it is my business ‘Fearless and Empowered’ I have connected with so many amazing women who have become business partners, friends and mentors all over zoom - it is connecting me to the world and I realized there were a few (well too many things) I was chasing before that is no longer worth chasing.

Spring cleaned: Old Goals and created space for new ones.

I am sure my list will keep expanding as I keep on evolving and I can’t wait to see what this time spent social-distancing will continue to teach me about myself, my needs, my business and about my life.

So as we enter the “new normal” what’s on your list?

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