Good Morning!!

I wanted to share something personal with you if I can be real, raw and honest with you today.

I hope when you read it it challenges you to reach for yourself today and everyday. To reach out for support that is available to you and that my message today motivates you to wake up and make this year your best year YET.

My heart for you today:

I was 7 years old when everything changed drastically. I still remember what it felt like to be so lost & invincible in a world so full of many people. I remember what it was like being broke & broken with a deep feeling of worthlessness.

I remember how it felt to be abused, the sounds of countless hits that would eventually land me in the hospital with a broken jaw. 

I remember the pain, depression, sadness & raging anger that what was happening to me was not what I believed I deserved in life. I remember what it felt like to hate my life, my situation, drowned in hopelessness as I contemplated ending it all.

But what I remember most of all is finding my strength, finding & embracing my purpose, finding my voice to help younger children who had similar stories to mine.

I remember my first workshop with young girls who struggled with confidence, self-doubt & low self-esteem who still had scars from their past that we all struggled to embrace will one day help us become who we were meant to be.

I know how hard it can be to start something when your own self-motivation & confidence is broken into a million pieces.

I know how hard it is to imagine a life where you are happy, loved, protected & full of greatness, yet I know it is POSSIBLE.

Fearless & Empowered isn’t just a name or a business with no meaning, it is a seed I planted years ago for myself, for my survival, for my future & that of other women.

The mission is to continue helping women see their worth, become self-motivated, self-driven, confident & empowered.

It’s to help women level up in life, to be seen & heard, to become the fearless women they desire to be. To change their narrative by helping them see the power in their pain & learning how to bravely use it all to work hard to rewrite the chapters of their lives.

I look at how far I have come in my life & I am grateful I never gave up on myself. I am motivated by seeing other women build a life they are passionate about & if that is you today, questioning your life & where to go from here, check out the link in my bio & see how we can work together to make this year the year EVERYTHING change.

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