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Practicing Self-Compassion

I was just on a call a moment ago with some incredible women chatting about life and staying connected with ourselves and I was sharing an exercise I have been practicing since January when I felt like I was getting overwhelmed (because it happens even to the strongest of us) and we don't often listen to our bodies trying to tell us to take a break to just BREATHE. Breathe in air and let it fill up our lungs with renewed hope, joy and satisfaction that we are doing great.

I am often so hard on myself for taking a break, then hard on myself when I don't take a break and if I were to look from the outside into life (which I do now and again to 'check myself') I noticed that I am overworking myself on both ends as a woman in a thriving career and a business owner trying to keep my purpose a priority.

It's hard, and someday I know you too will agree that we have good and not so good days. Yet, we still have so much to be grateful for. So here is something I do sometimes 10-15 minutes once or twice a week with my favorite classical music (Artist Ludovico) to practice self-compassion, kindness, and self-love without judgment.

In this uncertain season with everything that is going on, I wanted to come and encourage you to add it to your routine. Learn to take care of yourself in these moments, put your needs first by being honest as you ask yourself these questions;

  • How am I feeling today?

  • What do I need?

and so forth, taking time out to take a self - compassion break when you need it. Go into your safe space or like I call it my bubble and give yourself permission to enjoy the art of self-care and self-love the way you deserve.

Here is a guide I shared with the amazing people who joined my workshop last week on Finding Silver Linings. I hope you too are able to add it to your routine, that it creates a positive shift in your day and that it elevates your mood and confidence.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Send love and germ-free hugs

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