"if you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

if you want to succeed, give up everything that suffocates you"

-efe fruci-

rahman. m


Amazing workshops!!!

Efe's workshops are very motivational. It has totally changed the way I look at life challenges. It helps kickstart the required minds to take the action needed for change in various aspects of life. 

She has inspired me to create my very own dream board.

She has also taught me that our life stories and sufferings do not provide us with an excuse for our problems and we can't blame those from the past but use the insight to refocus on the good effects to free ourselves from its harmful ones.

Highly recommend!

Inspired and can't wait for more.

Madara. S  

Efe is an incredible person that understands people on a personal level. She’s very caring, inspiring and supportive.

Definitely the person to come to when you feel like there’s no way out of a situation and you need to not only boost your confidence bust also find a new perspective.



  Efe's is an inspiration. Seeing how she has transformed her life around and using her powerful story to motivate women to level up in life is amazing. Her talk has challenged me to stop procrastinating and get started on my goals instead of talking about it. She taught me the importance of following through with my action plans when it comes to living the life I truly desire.



Seeing how Efe has Transformed her life, turned her pain into power and hearing her speak so openly about it all has motivated me to work hard to be whomever I desire to be. She truly empowered me to see that I had that power to decided for myself. 

Tals. T  

Fearless and Empowered was such a good reminder for me about pursuing my passion and not staying stuck in my comfort zone of norm and safety as my true dreams disappear into a distant memory.

She's very honest and open about her own experiences which inspires us to take a look at our own lives, see what we're happy/unhappy about and start thinking about making changes for the better to live a more fulfilled life.

Cecilia. A  


Efe is simply incredible!

I've been lucky enough to work with her one to one, and I got terrific results right after the first session!

She is very knowledgeable, and her directions are always clear. She has this ability to make everything look easy.

Following her guidance, things that before seemed so complicated came naturally.

I can't wait to attend one of her workshops!



What an energetic woman. She is so real, raw and honest with her journey. I love her confidence and self-drive. I appreciated her Efe shared her highs and lows of being a business owner and business woman that you don't hear enough off. I learned so much from her workshop that I believe will last me a lifetime.



   Efe is extremely encouraging. She always knows exactly what to say and helps you find your vision and focus. I couldn’t recommend her more!




I had the pleasure to collaborate with Efe to organize an event. I can testify that she is motivated and hardworking. She listens respectfully to suggestions and helps everyone solve their problems.

Apart from work, her friendship is really valuable to me as well! she always takes time to listen to my problems and give me valuable advice. 

her motivation, positivity, and kindness are truly inspiring!



How was your experience?

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